Effective employee selection and its importance essay

Moreover, the job may require movement to another city which means considerable preparation and shifting of property and family members.

Generally, the items that have a strong relationship to job performance are given higher scores. Preliminary interview is a sorting process in which the prospective candidates are given the necessary information about the nature of the job and the organisation.

The centralised selection has the following advantages: External and Internal Environment: The points are given after reading the answers of applicants in the forms. Labour relations will also be better because workers will be fully satisfied by their work.

It can help in reducing the employee turnover later on. If the candidate is not suitable for one job then he is tried at some other. The information collected in the application form may also be circulated to various members of selection committee for enabling them to make a view about different applicants.

This is particularly necessary when the appointed person is already in employment, in which case he has to give notice to the previous employer. Procurement of Skilled Workers: Applicants find it easier to send their applications to a single centralised department, rather than sending the applications to different departments.

At each stage facts may come to light which may lead to the rejection of an applicant.

Essay on the Selection of Employees | HRM

WAB is best suited for jobs where there are many employees specially for sales and technical jobs. But now-a-days, the scenario has changed. The departments screened and hired their own employees, because the managers were sure that no one could choose employees for them as efficiently as they themselves could.

Tests help in reducing bias in selection by serving as a supplementary screening device. A blank application form is a widely accepted device for getting information from a prospective applicant. At best, it reveals that the candidates who have scored above the predetermined cut off points are likely to be more successful than those scoring below the cut off points.

Normally, a candidate is not rejected at this stage. Till recently, in many organisations, selection was done in a rather unplanned manner. Interview is an excellent selection device.

Their application may, however, be preserved for future use. After the selection decision and before the job offer is made, the candidate is required to undergo physical fitness test.

The next step in the selection process is the job offer to those applicants who have crossed all the previous hurdles. Proper selection of candidates reduces the cost of training because:Essay on the Selection of Employees | HRM.

Article shared by: The importance of selection can be judged from the following factors: 1. Procurement of Skilled Workers: Selection is bound to be more effective as it is done by specialists trained in staffing techniques. 5. The applicant will be assured of consideration for a greater.

The Importance of Human Resource Management Essay; The Importance of Human Resource Management Essay. One of the most significant and valuable aspects of HRM is its control of the recruitment and selection of candidates. More about The Importance of Human Resource Management Essay. The Importance of Employee.

Describe how an effective employee selection process contributes to an organization’s success.

Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Demonstrate why you selected the three guidelines and explain why they are important for successful recruiting. Assignment status: Resolved by our Write a well-developed essay of at least solid, long.

Hence, effective employee selection methods should be followed and taken into consideration in both cases for better results. It is the recruiter’s task to select the best employee for a particular position and create a pool of best employees that would do well for the institution.

Effective Employee Selection and Its Importance Essay important decisions comes when having to select an employee to fill a job vacancy. In the current labor market, highly qualified applicants are scarce and, among the existent ones, it.

Significance of Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and selection process is important for an organization to achieve its goals. When the right people are selected, the employee will produce productive results and stay with the organisation longer hence having a low employee turnover.

Effective employee selection and its importance essay
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